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Meetings and Membership

Public Meetings

Our public neighborhood meetings are held at a different locations throughout the neighborhood and are scheduled for the third Thursday of the following months:

1. January

2. April

3. July

4. October

Each meeting will showcase a local business owner, as well as a main speaker, in addition to updating the community on upcoming events.

Board Members

The Keystone Monon Neighborhood Association is headed by 4 trustees and 5 at-large members.


These positions are elected by members in the general membership meeting held each October. Board members serve terms of 2 years, with a maximum of two terms unless no other persons are nominated, in which case their position comes up for election each year until a nomination is offered. 

To see the responsibilities that each board member holds, please reference our Bylaws posted on our Resources Page. 

How to become a Member
1. Live within the neighborhood borders
2. Attend a minimum of two neighborhood meetings within a calendar year
3. Attend at least one neighborhood social event within a calendar year
4. All community members that meet these qualifications can be eligible to become a board member, as well as have the right to elect board members in association elections
Membership Meetings

At this time, we have one membership meeting per year, held in October. This is when new board members are chosen and when members vote on any large decisions submitted by the board.

To see additional details about membership and the qualifications, please reference our Bylaws, posted on our Resources Page.

For questions, please visit our contact page or email us at

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